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The numerological calculator is a simple tool that will instantly calculate for you the most important vibrations included in your numerological portrait. It is enough to enter the name and surname of the person to whom the numerological analysis is to be concerned, as well as the date of birth. Name and surname should be entered without using special characters.

With the numerology calculator, you will almost instantly discover the numbers that most affect your personality. You will also discover how their vibrations affect the relationships you form with other people.

It is worth knowing that numerology can be a valuable tool supporting the process of your self-discovery. Knowing the basic vibrations in your numerology portrait can help you discover a deeper truth about your desires, needs, innate talents, and unconscious tendencies. In this way, numerological calculations can support you on the path of self-development, which is a deep need of every human soul.

What is Numerology?

Numerology is a system for interpreting our life and the relationships we create based on the numbers that have been with us from the moment we come into the world. Like astrology, numerology assigns critical importance to the exact date of our birth, but not only that. Due to the fact that in numerology each letter of the alphabet has a corresponding numerical value, numerology has a very wide range of applications. Therefore, it is possible not only to perform a numerological analysis of our name and surname, but also to discover the numerological vibration of the address where we live, the name of the company that we plan to establish or the letters and numbers in our ID card. Moreover, unlike astrology, numerology assumes that by changing some of the numbers and letters that accompany us, we are able to attract a new and different kind of life energy. In this respect, numerology is somewhat reminiscent of the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui, according to which each of us can influence our surroundings in such a way as to achieve harmony with our own interior and with the entire universe.

The origin of Numerology

The esoteric knowledge of the role of numbers in our lives is rooted in ancient Sumer. The representatives of the Sumerian civilization were brilliant mathematicians for whom numbers had not only practical but also mystical meanings. From the areas of Sumer in Mesopotamia, ancient knowledge of numbers is believed to have penetrated into Egypt as well as Jewish mysticism, thus giving rise to gematria – a numerological system that assigns to each letter of the Hebrew alphabet numbers that together form the mysterious divine code of Yahweh.

In Europe, the famous mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras of Samos is considered to be the most famous precursor of numerology. This Greek scholar who lived in the 6th century BC not only attributed a unique symbolic meaning to numbers, but also used them to foretell the future and to analyze the surrounding reality in detail. Pythagoras and his students believed that what defines being is the harmony of the numbers behind it and the relations that exist between them.

What Numerology can give?

Numerology is one of the tools of human self-knowledge. Thanks to the knowledge of our numerological vibration, we can take a close look at our talents and aspirations, as well as limitations and internal blockages. Looking at yourself and your relationships from the point of view of numerology can turn out to be extremely valuable in the chaotic and materialistic world in which we all live today. With the help of basic numerological calculations, we can find out not only what our date of birth says about us, but also at what stage of life we are now and which aspects of it should be paid special attention. In-depth numerological knowledge is needed to understand how the numbers around us connect with each other and what their vibrations mean for the path of our development.