Numerology number 1

Numerology number 1 meaning

Number 1 in Numerology starts the scale of numerological vibrations. It is a reason that this is the number of early beginnings, bold creation, the formation of fresh ideas and the birth of new, often ground-breaking ideas. Number one strengthens the individuality of people born under its patronage. These people have a great sense of independence and therefore are not easily influenced by external influences. On the contrary, they want to influence their surroundings while holding the reins of their lives firmly in their hands.

Vibrating positively, they quickly develop natural leadership skills even in their youth. Thanks to this, they can set the directions of development in the field they decide to devote themselves to. They are supported in this by extraordinary imagination, the desire to create and self-sacrifice in action. Numerological Ones boldly question the existing order of things, undermine fossilized patterns of behavior, well-worn beliefs and social patterns to which others follow without reflection. Thanks to this, numerological Ones are able to dissolve the blockages standing in the way of humanity’s transition to a higher stage of development, which is undoubtedly their karmic task.

Numerological 1: Work and the way of vocation


In the Numerological Tarot One is the archetype of the Mage or the Juggler is assigned. Both of these archetypes refer to an individual who knows how to create reality according to his will. The Mage and Juggler archetypes also represent talents related to the sphere of communication in all its manifestations. In connection with the above, the numerological talents of Jedynka are manifested in communication through the spoken or written word, in communication with the use of images, advertising, body language and broadly understood art.

In search of her vocation path, the numerological One should certainly turn to professions in which she will be able to use these natural predispositions. Combining communication with individualism, creation and the desire to influence others, Jedynka is especially predisposed to achieve successes, e.g. as a journalist, writer, actor, film critic, art critic, lawyer, activist or politician. As she often has difficulty following the hierarchy, she should be satisfied with running her own business or working freelance.

Numerological 1: Relationships

Strongly marked individualism, a strongly developed desire for independence and reluctance to submit to others may be a significant difficulty for the numerological Jedynka in maintaining stable relationships with others. These are especially romantic relationships. It happens that the numerological One, in the name of preserving broadly understood freedom, decides to walk through life alone. This is because he is not a person who is afraid of loneliness. On the contrary: often in a temporary distance from others, she finds inner peace, devotes herself to creative work, analyzes new ideas and ideas. This makes number 1 seem very mysterious in the eyes of those around him and therefore attractive. Indeed, numerological 1 rarely reveals her deep feelings to someone, although she herself is a great expert on the human psyche, able to read in others as in an open book.

If 1 decides to have a permanent relationship, she always wants to play the first fiddle in it. As a natural leader, he is not a person who can remain in his partner’s shadow for long periods of time. She loves to shine and be the center of attention, she must always have the last word. If he feels that his partner is not paying her full attention, he may set up scenes of fiery jealousy. In the name of the “all or nothing” principle, a Single may end a relationship or marriage overnight in which she does not feel appreciated and which does not bring her full satisfaction.

Numerological 1: Disadvantages and threats

Each numerological vibration has its light and dark side: it is up to us which one we allow to express and which one we strengthen in everyday life. The low-vibrating One enters the negative aspect of the Juggler archetype, becoming a cheater, a trickster, and a liar. He uses his ability to exert influence and talents related to communication in order to ruthlessly manipulate other people for his own benefit. Her ego grows to an exorbitant size, increasing her need for control. Gradually, he turns One into a soulless despot who does not take into account the needs of others at all.

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