Numerology number 2

Numerology number 2 meaning

In numerology, 2 represents variability, duality, capriciousness, fantasy, sensitivity, internal contradictions and a combination of opposites. It is associated with the female energy of the Moon, and in classical astrology – with the sign of Pisces, whose graphic symbol is two fish swimming next to each other, but in opposite directions.

Therefore, the numerological 2 carries many opposites. internal dilemmas. Some of them have reasons in the way 2 make decisions. Her natural instinct is to follow her own emotions, feelings and ideas, which she can experience for a long time in a very intense way. The Numerological Two relies on their feelings much more than on cool calculation or logical analysis. In addition, as a highly empathetic person, he almost always takes the opinion of others into account before making any decision.

Empathy and high sensitivity are the hallmarks of the Two. Good relationships with other people are a very important aspect of her life. She highly values ​​the sense of belonging to a group, and therefore always respects the opinion of others, follows the rules of group hierarchy, and can easily adapt to the majority if necessary, even at her own expense.

Numerological 2: Work and the way of vocation


Searching for their way of vocation, the Two should head first of all to the professions that require harmonious cooperation with people. As a person who has no problem following hierarchy and taking orders from others, Two can be a dedicated employee of a corporation or a smaller company. She is especially suitable for positions where tact and diplomacy are needed, because she needs clear guidelines and sometimes extra motivation because she may lack initiative of her own. Nevertheless, the numerological Two is verbal, loyal and accurate in everything it will undertake professionally, and it has a nose for people.

In the Numerological Tarot 2, the archetype of the High Priestess is assigned. This archetype symbolizes the dual nature of the Universe in which, apart from what is visible, there is what is imperceptible at first glance. It also means relying on intuition, feminine submission, and self-attention.

Like the High Priestess in Tarot, the numerological Two is easily able to guess what other people are hiding. Thanks to exceptionally developed empathy and the ability to introspect, she is particularly predisposed to such professions as psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist, tarot player, social worker, police profiler, mediator, negotiator and diplomat. Helping others brings her genuine joy, as long as it does not involve being in the spotlight, because by nature she prefers to be in the background, perfectly suited to the role of gray eminence.

Numerological 2: Relationships

Numerological Two is designed to live together. As a person for whom interpersonal relationships play a primary role, she is capable of numerous sacrifices and compromises in the name of harmony in the relationship. She is flexible, often adapts to her partner and puts his needs first, sometimes even at the expense of his own desires. This course of action is related to her innate empathy and altruism, but also to the strength of her feelings. Number Two loves deeply and sincerely. She is loyal, devoted and faithful. As we have already mentioned, it is not without reason that Two is traditionally associated with the sign of Pisces, i.e. with the element of water. The element of water emphasizes the depth and strength of emotions in people born in this vibration.

Driven by strong feelings and a desire for harmony, the numerological 2 can sometimes idealize their partner. It has a tendency to minimize the faults of its other half, to explain its unpleasant behavior, and therefore in the romantic relationship of the two in love, there is a risk of loss of objectivity. Therefore, Two may try to sweep relationship problems under the rug, rather than face them openly.

For the above reasons the Two should especially care for balance in their romantic relationship, learn to talk to their partner about their needs and not let them take advantage of them.

Numerological 2: Disadvantages and threats

The Vibrating Low 2 is in danger of gradually sinking into melancholy and depression. The enormous emotionality in the negative aspect prompts the vibrating low Two to self-oversensitivity, to malice, and even to aggression in response to hitting a sensitive point. The dark side of numerological Two may also manifest itself in life stagnation, in entering into toxic and harmful relationships, in accepting the role of a victim and in being used by those around them.

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