Numerology number 3

Numerology number 3 meaning

Three is widely regarded as one of the happiest numerological vibrations. The number 3 symbolizes abundance, stability, holiness, the Holy Trinity, the care of Providence, a creative mind, fulfillment of wishes, family, harmony and beauty. It means a person who is able to give as well as receive, remaining in harmony with the universe.

Numerological 3 joyfully enjoys life to the fullest, at the same time always giving a part of himself to others. He infects the surroundings with his cheerfulness, optimism and spontaneity. Wherever it appears, it introduces a positive atmosphere, exudes a personal charm and a smile. She is active, energetic, talkative, open to people and the world, resourceful and articulate. This makes the numerological Three have many friends, they are eagerly invited to various types of meetings and events. In contact with people, he fulfills himself as the life of the company. No wonder: she has the ability to listen carefully and is a great storyteller herself. The opinions and conclusions that he formulates are most often very accurate, even brilliant.

Three love to taste life with all their senses, which is why they appreciate material abundance, thanks to which they have the opportunity to pamper themselves. Luckily for her, this numerological vibration usually attracts prosperity and money. The three of them willingly use their financial resources to make life pleasant for themselves and others. Like no one else, he can enjoy culture and art, appreciates the delights of the palate, comfortably furnished interiors as well as free exchange of thoughts and views. If he can, he sets off on exotic journeys, during which he admires the monuments and the beauty of the landscape.

Numerological 3: Work and the way of vocation


The 3 is the sum of the two previous numerological vibrations. It combines the independence and courage of One with the empathy and strongly developed intuition of the Two. Such a combination makes her predisposed to achieve success in virtually any field she decides to devote herself to. He can count on the support of his friends, the favor of the environment and a successful twist of fate

Three’s numerological vibration endows the person who was born in it with lots of talents. It is not for nothing that the Tarot Three corresponds to the archetype of the Empress, who symbolizes wealth and fertility that come lightly, as if effortlessly. Thanks to numerous internal resources, 3 can successfully implement herself in many areas, with the greatest satisfaction and successes in her professional life coming from professions related to contact with people. And so the Three will be perfect, among others. as a teacher, businessman, TV journalist, doctor, interior designer or real estate agent – especially the most luxurious ones.

The multiple talents of Number 3 may be the cause of hesitations in the choice of career. For this reason, it may take time for the Numerology 3 to find its way of calling — but if it only works in harmony with itself, it will succeed in the end.

Numerological 3: Relationships

As a person who perfectly balances giving and receiving, Numerology Number 3 has a unique predisposition to create a stable and happy relationship, the fruit of which can be a group of children. Numerological Three, like the archetypal Empress, is a person who appreciates family life, can surround others with wise care, support and care. Most Threes are great parents. They fulfill themselves as mothers and fathers. If for some reason the numerological Three cannot start their own family or have children, they become unhappy. She is then overwhelmed by a sense of inner emptiness. The warmth of the home, a sense of community and the provision of care for loved ones are extremely important aspects, without which the elemental energy of the Number 3 quickly fades away.

The 3 love deeply and sincerely, wise and faithful with love. She loves to be adored, she loves compliments, tender gestures and all signs of affection thanks to which she flourishes internally. She often has the last word in the home. She does not idealize her partner and is willing to forgive resentments as long as she is not lied to by her other half. For a lie is something that in the account of the Three are not able to accept. Injured by a lie, a person born to this vibration may never regain lost confidence.

Numerological 3: Disadvantages and threats

Like any numerological vibration also the generously endowed Number 3 has its own shadow zone. Vibrating low, in a negative aspect Three turns from the proverbial soul of the party into a gossiper, into a person unreliable, reckless and prone to mythomania. other people.

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