Numerology number 4

Numerology number 4 meaning

The number 4 stands for stability, perseverance, diligence, building solid foundations, conservatism, stubbornness, discipline, thrift, practicality, order and perfectionism. It is also associated with the four elements and with the four corners of the world, and the symbols assigned to it are the square and the cross. The square means stability, but also closure, internal limitations in the perception of the surrounding reality and the lack of a broader, universal perspective. The cross, on the other hand, is conservatism, but also a sign of redemption, sacrifice and perseverance. All these features and values are usually very close to the numerological Four.

Numerological Four is a hardworking and persistent person who values predictability and even routine in everyday life. She feels comfortable in an orderly environment where there aren’t many changes. He likes it when everything is in its place at home. Her love of order can turn into pedantism and exaggerated perfectionism for the rest of the household.

Four means clashing with matter as well as fighting for a better existence on the material plane. This fight in the case of Fours is tedious, arduous, requires persistence and consistency. Often numerological 4 from an early age are burdened with additional duties and responsibility for others, which means that they are forced to grow very quickly. Many people born in this vibration lack a carefree childhood, which has an impact on their further development and life.

Number 4 is hardworking and persistent. She can be distrustful and a bit withdrawn, but she can always be relied on. He is a faithful and loyal companion who will not fail in times of need.

Numerological 4: Work and the way of vocation


Numerological Four usually have a strict mind, are specific and well organized. These features make them suitable for professions that require order, logical thinking, regularity and technical skills. And so the numerological Four can be great, among others. as an engineer, IT specialist, programmer, executive director, logistician, site manager, roofer, carpenter, plumber, mechanic, airplane pilot or professional soldier. High discipline and consistency in action make the Four-Licensed employee who always works according to a set plan. In technical areas, the Four can become an appreciated professional, whose accuracy and punctuality will be gained by a large group of satisfied customers.

In the Tarot, the traditional numerological 4 is assigned the archetype of the Emperor. The Emperor personifies a great builder and constructor who, however, can build a wall of restraints and conservatism around himself. The archetypal Emperor has power over matter and watches over the observance of order. However, he lacks the elusive spark of innovation, hitmanship and courage – he is afraid of deviating from the usual patterns of behavior and thinking. Therefore, numerology number Fours rarely create innovative projects from scratch, but they are great executors of ideas coming from others. In order to develop and overcome their limitations, Four needs external motivation.

Numerological 4: Relationships

Numerology Number 4 is a person who is characterized by restraint in expressing feelings. For this reason, at first he may seem inaccessible or a bit withdrawn – to understand her, you need to get to know her better. to count in any situation. A person born in this vibration has a high degree of emotional stability. They crave the security of a solid relationship, family and home. The 4 may attach great importance to material matters because they very much want their loved ones not to be lacking anything. It is not very romantic – more than love, candlelight dinners and bouquets of flowers, she appreciates the practical side of living together.

The numerology 4 will be matched with a partner who is characterized by great understanding and a pragmatic view of everyday life in the relationship. On the other hand, people who are very sensitive, affectionate, endowed with a fiery temperament, may feel bored or disappointed in the relationship with the Four with time.

Numerological 4: Disadvantages and threats

In a negative aspect, numerology 4 shows excessive pedantism and perfectionism. Nothing seems good enough to her. She constantly compares herself with others, which lowers her self-esteem more and more over time. She is rough, very critical and malicious. It requires absolute obedience from the household. Like a cruel Emperor, vibrating low 4 can turn into a tyrant who tries to punish others for the slightest misconduct. On the other hand, her innate tendency to conservatism in a negative aspect can turn into mental narrowness or into fanaticism.

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