Numerology number 6

Numerology number 6 meaning

The six is a number that symbolizes care, home, helping others, altruism, harmony, responsibility, peace, seriousness, caring for the weak and family life. In Tarot, she corresponds with the Lovers card, the main message of which is care for feelings and interpersonal relationships, cooperation and balance. It is a combination of Anima and Animus, the male and female elements, which form a harmonious whole. Lovers are also a card of love and friendship and concluding such relationships and contracts in business that will bring profits to both speakers.

The Numerological 6 is therefore a person endowed with a large dose of altruism. He has an innate need to take care of his loved ones, family and people from his surroundings. He is willing to support, provide good advice, protect the weaker – not only people, but also animals in need, stray dogs and cats. She is so empathetic and supportive that she is rarely indifferent to the suffering of others. She is willing to engage in charity actions, volunteer or share her knowledge with others without expecting anything in return.

It happens that the Numerology 6 is absorbed by the worries of others, that it forgets about itself, and it is also used as a noble and altruistic soul by individuals who are more self-centered than it is, who abuse its goodness. Therefore, the quality that she should develop in order to carry out her karmic tasks without getting into trouble is assertiveness.

Numerological 6: Work and the way of vocation


In search of her vocation path, the numerological Six will surely eagerly turn to the professions related to helping others. At work, the Numerological Six wants to feel needed. She wants to feel that she has an impact on the improvement of the fate of others. These internal predispositions are best realized in the work of a nurse, doctor, speech therapist, therapist, caregiver for the elderly and the disabled, educator, psychologist, physiotherapist, social worker, rehabilitator, resident of a travel agency. The Numerological Six is also great for professions that require harmonious cooperation in a group. It will also work well in fields related to art, because people born in this vibration have great taste, a sense of good taste and have the power of feelings that can form the basis of great artistic expression.

Honesty is very important for Number 6 – in his professional environment he hates falsehood, hypocrisy, understatement and ambiguous situations. A good atmosphere in the workplace and satisfaction with the activities performed count for most Sixes much more than the amount of salary influencing the account. idealism can also be disastrous for the Six in this case – they should be careful not to let themselves be exploited in the workplace, not to take on excess responsibilities or perform tasks for others.

Numerological 6: Relationships

Like the archetypal Lovers on the Tarot card, the Numerological Six bestows sincere, deep and disinterested love. He accepts his partner as he is – this is the metaphorical meaning of nudity on the Lovers’ card. The power of her love is enormous, able to overcome many adversities. The Six is completely devoted to the other person, body and soul. This allows the disappointment of love to leave a permanent mark on her heart that will never disappear. The six experience love disappointments very deeply, and their feelings are so strong that they can sometimes obscure her ability to think logically.

It is very important for the Numerological Six to create a happy home in which there will be peace, mutual respect and harmony. The number 6 also means a complete family, so this numerological vibration is conducive to having several children. If no offspring do appear in the number house of Six, it is likely to be filled with happy animals, such as dogs, cats and other lovable creatures, as they hate loneliness – they are made to coexist with others.

Numerological 6: Disadvantages and threats

Like any number on the numerological scale, the usually noble and sincere Six can enter the low vibrations that activate their other dark face, and their deep feelings for their partner turn into morbid jealousy, control, and dramatization. She may also be characterized by hypochondria, deep pessimism, and life passivity. Vibrating low numerological 6 does not control their emotions and becomes their slave.

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