Numerology number 7

Numerology number 7 meaning

The Seven is the most mysterious, hermetic and inscrutable of all vibrations of the numerological scale. According to karmic numerology, persons born in this vibration in their previous lives were magicians, shamans, mystics and scholars, and also existed as members of royal bloodlines. These are individuals capable of deep insight into the collective human unconscious, whose task is to explain to other people the spiritual laws that govern the universe.

Typically, the numerological 7 is a person who stands out from the environment. She is surrounded by a unique aura – she is like a cat with a hypnotic gaze, who always goes her own way and values her independence above all else. There is something royal in her way of being. Endowed with extraordinary charisma, willpower, pride and a sense of inner dignity, the numerological Seven maintains a certain distance between itself and the environment. She is distinguished by an outstanding ability for introspection, to look inside her own interior, as well as sensitivity to the emotional states and behavior of other people. Seven sees and feels deeper than her surroundings, does not succumb to superficiality, delusions, but tries to investigate the true nature of things. She is helped by her receptive, analytical mind, love for truth and intuition that can border on clairvoyance.

Spirituality is extremely important in the life of the number 7. From an early age, he may be interested in various religions and forms of worship, including paranormal phenomena. She is often an introvert because she needs a sense of peace and isolation from strong external stimuli in order to be able to reflect and clear the mind of negative influences that the Seven easily absorbs. She is eager to seek contact with nature, which is of great importance to her. He thinks a lot about the meaning of life, and the conclusions he draws can amaze with their depth and brilliance.

Numerological 7: Work and the way of vocation


The way of calling the numerological Seven is inseparably connected with spirituality, with the exploration of what is hidden, and with teaching others. It is an individual capable of deeper insight into the laws of the Universe, sensitive to higher vibrations. Her thoughts are capable of turning into reality. For the above reasons, the numerological Siódemka is especially predisposed to devote himself to spiritual development, to teach others and to set directions for their inner development. He can become an astrologer, healer, spiritual guide and motivational speaker, scientist, creator of a religious movement, personal development trainer, media figure influencing others. He can also be successful in the field of science, especially in fields requiring very advanced knowledge, such as astrophysics. , space research, genetic engineering, the latest technologies.

In the Numerological Tarot, the Seven corresponds to Chariot – a symbol of progress, development and reaching places inaccessible to others. In addition, the caring planet of the Seven, Neptune, supports those born in this vibration in exploring the secrets hidden from most mortals.

Numerological 7: Relationships

According to numerology, the Seven is a vibration whose representatives are rarely married. This is because the Numerological number 7 is not easy to open up to others, craves independence, feels the need for periodic solitude and tranquility, and often feels that life brings so many fascinating opportunities for her that she perceives a constant relationship with another person mainly as a limitation. It is also usually not a person capable of making lasting sacrifices for the good of the family or partner. It wants to do something more for humanity as a whole than for specific individuals. If only it can, it will go its own way, and even leave the burden of responsibility for the family on the shoulders of the other person, so that it can pursue its own goals.

This does not mean that a relationship with the numerological Seven is not possible. But it is certainly difficult. A person who decides to bind with the Seven must be ready for many sacrifices as well as for periods of so-called “loneliness for two”. According to numerology, the relationship with the Siódemka can be compared to marriages concluded by mountaineers. Even though they have a family, the latter often engage in long and risky expeditions in the name of passion or vocation.

Numerological 7: Disadvantages and threats

A negatively vibrating number 7 is at risk of deep sadness and periods of severe depression. He has a tendency to dark thoughts, to accumulate darkness in his mind. They can also develop excessive introversion, isolate themselves from others, and feel unreal. In a negative aspect, Siódemka also becomes excessively proud, delicious, smart, critical and disrespectful towards others.

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