Numerology number 8

Numerology number 8 meaning

In numerology number 8 means power over matter, infinity, wealth, justice and the payment of debts. People born in this vibration can notice the effects of their own actions, words and wishes taking place in their lives much faster than others. The Eight is a vibration of strong karma, the law of cause and effect, according to which each of our actions carries a corresponding reaction. In Tarot, this number corresponds to Justice, which reaches everyone and passes judgment in accordance with our actions and intentions. all that is spiritual on the plane of matter.

The Numerological 8 has a strongly developed sense of justice. She always keeps her word, as well as deadlines and agreements. She is loyal, sincere and affectionate. He gives people around him a sense of security – both on the psychological and material levels, because the eighth vibration is associated with the ability to attract money. The Eight shows a great talent for financial management, the multiplication of material resources, as well as a broadly understood administrative talent. She is a great manager, a demanding boss, and a reliable entrepreneur. Her main features are ambition, stubborn diligence.

Numerological 8: Work and the way of vocation


Ambition, diligence and great administrative talent predispose the numerological Eight to occupy managerial positions. Its potential and numerous talents are wasted in the workplace, which prevents it from developing, acquiring new skills and entering the next stages of the career. Both in interpersonal relations and in professional life, he is a great tactician and strategist. He is a practical, matter-of-fact, concrete person who can formulate instructions and orders for employees in such a way that they are clear and understandable, as well as properly carried out.

The special ability to control matter and the manifestation of words and deeds associated with this vibration predispose the Eight to achieve professional success. in as a financier, judge, lawyer, attorney, public prosecutor, real estate manager, architect, surgeon, tax advisor, investment advisor, auditor, publisher, entrepreneur.

The prestige and social status associated with the performed profession are very important for the number 8. It is a person who likes to have power over others, and usually does not abuse it, but uses it for the greater good.

Numerological 8: Relationships

The ambitious and practical Eight has a tendency to concentrate on work and on the next five stages of the career more than on family life. Like in the professional field, the union numerology Eight is eager to lead and dominate its partner, who values such qualities as compliance , understanding and even submissiveness. She counts that her partner will support her and support her in her activities outside the home and enjoy her successes. Usually, having children is not the most important thing for Eight. When they appear, she is a sensitive but demanding parent who wants to teach her children independence and the art of coping well in life.

The far-reaching practicality of the numerology 8 may cause a person born in this vibration to be guided by such considerations as social and material status when choosing a potential spouse. Of course, however, this is not the rule, and many numerological Eights create harmonious and successful relationships that are characterized not only by material stability, but also by deep mutual devotion

Numerological 8: Disadvantages and threats

For the good life of the number 8, it is very important to treat yourself and others fairly, as well as to maintain an inner balance: not to succumb to external pressure or the temptation to make easy profit. It is this inner balance that is symbolized by the weight in the hand of the figure shown on the Justice card. By negatively vibrating the numerological Eight loses this harmony and moderation. She becomes soulless, materialistic, greedy, greedy, vindictive and cruel. Since, as we have already said, the karmic effects of her actions return to her faster than those born in other vibrations, the numerological Eight of a wealthy person may eventually become bankrupt, alcoholism, become a debtor and have numerous conflicts with the law.

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