Numerology number 9

Numerology number 9 meaning

The Number 9 completes the numerological scale, as well as the nine-step, karmic cycle of development. This high vibration personifies wholeness, the completion of a certain process, the element of fire, enlightenment, the closure of things that have already started, and the crowning achievement of actions taken.

In numerology, the number 9 is the so-called old soul that has gone through the stages of development of all the preceding vibrations. At the end of this long path, enriched with countless experiences, the numerological Nine feels and understands that love is the supreme ruling power of the universe. Therefore, the mission of the Nine is to serve others, to get the best out of them, and to work for universal values that will have an impact on changing the way of thinking and improving the fate of many beings.

The Numerological 9 is a person who has a unique connection with the entire universe. He feels like a child of the Cosmos and knows instinctively that each of us is only a small part of a larger whole. It is also true that everything has its time, that the right time comes for everything – she has a kind of internal clock, according to which she makes the most important decisions concerning her life.

The Nine is a cosmopolitan, humanist, thinker, eulogist of freedom, a person with many remarkable talents and numerous talents. He is very sensitive to injustice, to cruelty, and courageously stands up for harmed people and animals. If only she is devoted to a greater common cause, she may be able to carry the crowds with her. It often happens, however, that the Nine is deceived and used because it cannot comprehend human meanness, selfishness and calculation. He wants to see only what is good in others, which makes him blind. Naivety, credulity and idealism are often the causes of the disasters and troubles of the Numerological 9.

Numerological 9: Work and the way of vocation


Numerological 9 has outstanding humanistic talents. Since the karmic task of people born in this vibration is to work for the good of mankind as a whole, the Nine often fulfill themselves as social activists, journalists dealing with socially difficult topics, environmentalists, reporters, directors and film screenwriters, writers, creators of culture, teachers. Nines, as idealists in their youth, also tend to get involved in politics. They can initiate various grassroots social movements and even revolutions because they want to implement real changes to create a more just world for all. Tens are also so-called whistleblowers, i.e. people who reveal deep systemic abuses to the public, putting themselves at risk of far-reaching consequences.

Number 9 is especially predisposed to choose a career path that will bring them fame and even fame. Such a statement may seem paradoxical, considering that the corresponding Tarot card is Hermit, and thus a symbol of isolation, withdrawal, remaining in the shadows, a kind of introversion. However, the archetypal Hermit is holding a lighted lamp – a symbol of light that draws the attention of the surroundings. The Numerological Nine can gain publicity and fame, for example, as a writer, actor, creator of culture, filmmaker, singer, musician, singer. It should even try to make her work reach many people, because thanks to this her mission to improve the world and serve humanity is realized.

Many childhood numerological Nines have a hidden gift of clairvoyance, have prophetic dreams and visions about the future to come.

Numerological 9: Relationships

TNine values freedom and independence, does not tolerate any limitations. Like the archetypal Hermit, they do not fear loneliness, and can even find happiness in it. On the other hand, the numerological Nine has many contradictions – it wants to remain free at all costs, but at the same time dreams of love and creating a happy home.

According to numerology, the happiest relationship can be formed by two Nines, or a Nine with a Seven, because in a romantic relationship for a numerological Nine it is extremely important to communicate the soul of minds. Only with a person of a similar spiritual and intellectual level will he be able to create a successful relationship. In addition, partners born in the vibration of the number 9 will show a great understanding for each other. They can also be joined by a common fight for the ideals and goals of improving the situation in the world.

The Numerological 9 is a liberal and understanding parent who loves their children immensely. She treats them with full respect, just like adults, and is able to strengthen children’s self-esteem.

Numerological 9: Disadvantages and threats

As a vibration associated with the element of fire, the numerological 9 should pay attention to its fiery temperament, which is sometimes difficult to tame. By vibrating negatively, the Nine has a tendency to develop traits such as neuroticism, explosiveness, quarrelsome, impatient, fatalism, constant dissatisfaction, eternal complaints, and self-pity.

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